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Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery in Oak Park, IL

Oral surgery is very common and can be used to treat a variety of dental problems, from tooth loss to wisdom tooth extractions.  Oral surgeons are specialists that focus on providing you the safest, most comfortable care in a surgical setting. Oral surgeons and dentists typically work together to ensure the best outcome through a combined course of care.

One of the services an oral surgeon offers is wisdom tooth extraction surgery. Your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon to have all wisdom teeth removed at the same time, or if your wisdom teeth are impacted and need surgical removal. Your oral surgeon will provide you with pre and post-op instructions for you to follow to make sure everything goes well.

If your dentist recommends dental implants, you may be referred to an oral surgeon for the implant post placement. You will then return to your dentist to have the final dental crown placed on the dental implant.

If you need oral surgery in Oak Park, contact our office today and schedule an appointment with our skilled oral surgeon.

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