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Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry

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Sedation Dentistry in Oak Park, IL

Many people choose to avoid the dentist out of fear. They experience anxiety and fear the pain and discomfort that a dental procedure might cause. Imagine having dental procedures like extractions, root canal, or oral surgery when you fear the dentist. Fortunately, with sedation dentistry, your dental procedures can be done, and you’ll wake up once complete, without ever experiencing pain or hearing the noise of the tools.

Sedation dentistry is beneficial in a variety of situations. It is used for anyone who has difficulty sitting still for an extended period, a fear of dentists, or difficulty with anesthetics properly numbing an area. Additionally, we make it available to individuals with physical disabilities or special needs. While sedation dentistry is most commonly used for procedures, we also make it available to patients for regular dental cleanings, check-ups, and fillings.

Sedation dentistry is routinely used and taking advantage of it at an appointment will enable you to receive the dental care you need safely and comfortably. We are dedicated to making your dental experience as pleasant as possible and never want fear and anxiety to prevent you from doing what is necessary to protect your teeth and oral health.

If you have an upcoming procedure and would like to discuss your options for sedation dentistry, give us a call. We offer different types of sedatives, all of which will help keep you relax during your visit with us. Depending on the form of sedation used and the length of time administered will determine the potential side effects. Your dentist will recommend the best form of sedation dentistry in Oak Park and explain all the details to you before your procedure. Contact our office today.

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