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Chipped Tooth

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Chipped Tooth in Oak Park, IL

Teeth can be extremely strong for chewing foods, but they can also be unexpectedly fragile in some instances. Depending on the severity of a chipped tooth, you may or may not feel any pain.

A chipped tooth can occur in an accident, impact from playing sports, or while eating. Sometimes a chipped tooth only breaks the enamel in which case it is unlikely you’ll experience any pain. However, chips can also be large enough to reach the nerve and depending on the severity, may cause a slight sensitivity when chewing or eating hot or cold foods, or result in pain.

If the chip is causing extreme pain or bleeding, you could have nerve damage or nerves could be exposed. These signs should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent infection or other issues. Contact our office immediately if you are experiencing these symptoms.

If the chipped tooth is not resulting in pain, you should still be seen by your dentist. Regardless if you’re experiencing any discomfort or not, the tooth should be checked. Anytime a tooth is weakened from injury, it could incur further damage or become infected.

Oftentimes a tooth that is chipped can be repaired in a single office visit, but it depends on the severity and location of the tooth. The chipped area can be fixed in a variety of ways to restore full function and normal appearance. Some options include using dental bonding, composite filling, a crown, or veneer. Your dentist will review the available options for you.

If you are suffering from a chipped tooth in Oak Park it is important that you see a dentist as soon as possible. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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